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 This course is the first step in professional rankings in SSI and to become an SSI Dive Master.  You will gain experience navigating in different environments such as night, deep, and drifts. On the Gili Islands we have over 30 dive sites offering challenging diving and diverse rewards.  The challenge in the SSI Dive Guide program is it tests your basic diving skills, knowledge, and even your (swim) endurance.  With this qualification you are able to guide certified divers, it is also a prerequisite to all further professional levels.   This course starts on demand and is possible to start all year around.  For more information email us, to begin your diving career and make your passion your profession!  

Science of Diving SpecialtDive Master SMB Deploy Manta Divey - This is the main theory component for SSI Dive Guides looking to become SSI Dive Masters.  The Science of Diving course covers important dive theory necessary for all further SSI professional levels. Topics include: Physics, Physiology, RDP Theory, and Aquatic Realm.  It is time to learn all about the underwater world!    

SSI Dive Master-

This qualification is awarded FREE of charge with the completion of SSI Dive Guide and the Science of Diving Specialty.  This is the most sought after title within the SSI curriculum, as it gives you the experience and ability to safely lead others on daily fun dives!  The SSI Dive Master qualification allows you to assist Instructors as a Certified Assistant on open water training dives.  It is also a prerequisite to any further SSI Professional ratings if you are  looking to make diving a new career and become a SSI Instructor.  

Gili Air is the perfect environment to complete these courses, with the beautiful waters and fantastic diversity of dive sites and marine life, you will gain all the experience you need to enter the professional world.  Our newly updated, spacious training facilities will complete the ultimate  Dive Master experience .  For more information contact us.

SSI Dive Control SpecialistHawksbill Turtle Dive Master Training Dives

Once you have completed the SSI Dive Master qualification you are able to begin SSI Dive Control Specialist Course. During your training, you have the opportunity to practice being the Instructor as you simulate pool, classroom, and open water training sessions. You will also assist on one complete Open Water Course with one of Manta Dive Gili Air's Instructors  to gain hands on experience with student divers.   When you complete the Dive Control Specialist course you will be able to teach Scuba Reviews, Try Scuba Dive and Open Water Course pool sessions under the indirect supervision of an Instructor. Each additional qualification you have increases your work opportunities as a dive professional.   

 Dive Master Internships at Manta Dive Gili AiSunrise Dive Dive Master Gili Airr

All of these three programs combine during our complete Manta Dive Gili Air Dive Master internship program to give you the best experience possible.   You will leave Manta Dive Gili Air  with the first three SSI PRO levels completed and be able to assist with courses and confidently guide certified divers.  Timing for the internship depends on how many previous logged experience. Book today to begin your training and GO PRO.