Taket Penyu - Turtle Reef

manta dive sea turtlePatch Reef. Depth: 7-22 M, 15 minute boat ride from the Dive Center. Beginner to Advanced.

1.5 km of a reef stretching East to West and about 1 km wide, Taket Penyu is the perfect dive for all levels of divers. North of Gili Air, the reef is relatively flat in the shallows with a very gentle slope on either side.

Barrel Sponges, Sea Whips, Gorgonian Fans, Anemones, and soft corals are abundant at this dive site. Divers can enjoy a variety of marine life here including Octopus, Clown fish, Nudibranchs, Scorpion fish and Mantis Shrimps.

It is an amazing site for Open Water Courses as you are nearly guaranteed a turtle sighting.  It is also a fun challenge to descend onto the reef top

 Advanced Adventure Courses can practice Navigation, Perfect Buoyancy, and Deep Adventure training dives with ease.  

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